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How to play MaYaM...

Click on the hand to throw the dice.
You have 4 turns to get the best possible combination of dice. You may keep or release one or several dice by clicking on them (they turn green).
At any time, you may preview any marking by dragging the mouse over an available cell in the score table ; available cells are highlighted with a light green frame...
Then you click in the cell to save your mark and proceed to the next roll

Dice order has no impact on the mark.
A cross (X) means that your dice will mark no point at all.
The right column has to be filled bottom to top, from 1 to 6 and from FULL to LOW.
The left column goes the other way, from LOW to FULL and from 6 to 1.
The middle column is free for all marks.

to . Sum of all dice with this number.
BONUS. 20 points when the total reaches 80, 40 points when it reaches 100.
FULL. Two sets of identical dice (2+4 or 3+3) give you 25 points.
FOUR. Sum of all dice IF you get at least 4 identical dice.
STR-8. Straight of all numbers from 1 to 6 (40 points).
YAM. All 6 identical dice (50 points).
HIGH and LOW. The difference HIGH - LOW (H - L) is taken in account.

WARNING : make sure you log in before starting your game if you want to record your scores.

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